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Xiaomi 12 Pro Long Term Review

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Anda berbicara Bahasa Indonesia? Baca artikel terjemahannya di sini! For work (and gaming) purposes, I always sport both an Android device and an iPhone. For the iPhone, I rely on its longevity and the “it just works” approach. As for the Android, it’s more for keeping up with the current technologies and doing personal projects. For my current Android phone, I’ve been sporting a Xiaomi 12 Pro for the last few months, the latest flagship from Xiaomi that is available globally. In this article, I want to share my opinion about this so-called “affordable flagship” (though I don’t think it’s still affordable) Xiaomi 12 Pro: Design and Packaging The Xiaomi 12 Pro comes in an all-black box featuring the device itself. Opening the box, and you’ll be greeted with a lot of stuffs: Looking at the 120W charger, you immediately notice that this could be the real deal. It’s very heavy, and as big as my MacBook’s 65W charger (it’s even more impressive, though, delivering double the power with the same size). As for the cable, it’s very thick… which means that sadly, you’ll need specific cables to get that 120W power. As for the phone, you’ll immediately notice that …

Do You Need A Tablet?

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Tablets are in a rather odd position, between smartphones and laptops. Are you debating whether to buy one or not?
These few tips might help you make a decision!