Non-CPO Refurbished iPhone – 4 Months Later…

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The Tale of Non-CPO Refurbished iPhone. Four months later…

UPDATE (07/06/2020): After reviewing the purchase date again, I was mistaken about how long I had this phone. I’ve revised both this post’s title and content. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Remember the refurbished iPhone 6 I told you about in this post? Well… it’s been about 4 months, and I’ve decided to part ways with it. In the last week, I’ve experienced something strange: ghost touch.

What’s ghost touch? Ghost touch is a term when your touchscreen detects touches when you don’t, as if there’s a ghost playing with your phone. This is very annoying, as this not only renders your phone unusable, but also performs unwanted actions in your phone, like calling someone, messaging random people, etc.

At first I thought it was a software bug. During the first times, it rarely happens, and disappears after locking and unlocking the phone. As time goes, it becomes more and more prominent, that even a restart couldn’t fix it. I’ve tried restoring it, starting anew, delete my phone backup, and it still doesn’t work.

Decision To Sell

Selling the refurbished iPhone was the only viable option.

I’ve really grown attached to the phone. I even considered to repair the screen instead of selling it until I got enough money to purchase a brand-new Apple-branded phone. However, a short research on that option left me with a conclusion that repairing the screen was not a viable option.
Yes, it’s expensive, and there’s no warranty, meaning that I’ll have to shell out additional cash should the problem rise again. Taking it to an authorized service center wasn’t an option, either, as they will charge more for the repair, if they didn’t refuse to take it.

So, I decided to sell it. I sold it to a shop, since it still has warranty, and I’m pretty certain that shops like them have better connection and experiences dealing with that kind of problem. I got a pretty decent amount of dough, which eases the pain in my heart for a bit.

Lesson Learned After Buying Non-CPO Refurbished iPhone

There’s always a lesson in every things happening in life.

Simple. Never ever buy a non-CPO refurbished iPhone again. This was an experiment that I wanted to find out myself and I got what I wanted, even though the conclusion was kind of… painful. The bright side of this experiment is that I’m starting to like the iOS phone ecosystem.

Nevertheless, I currently switch my phone to Infinix Zero 4 Plus, another Android phone, which I am going to review soon. All this while I’m saving up to buy a brand new iPhone 8. Yes, I can’t wait to give iPhone another try, properly this time.

Why not iPhone X? Well, the reason is simple: price. Also, I’m somehow not impressed with the new flagship’s design, which omits the iconic home button and touch ID. Yes, we have to embrace change, but I’m not ready to do that just yet.

Well, I guess that’s all, Folks. The moral of the story is, avoid buying non-CPO refurbished iPhones at all costs, as they seem to be more trouble-prone than usual, and have shorter lifespan. Finally, as usual, thanks for visiting, and I’m looking forward to your next visit! 😀

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