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When I first started blogging, it was just for fun, to keep myself busy while keeping my English skills sharp… or at least decent, after graduating from a long-term course. At first, it was in the form of Blogspot, Multiply, back to Blogspot, then finally, WordPress.

Little by little, this hobby project expands. From what was initially just a hobby, expanded to a second site with Bahasa, then finally, all-out migration to self-hosted WordPress, and site monetization with Google AdSense, under the brand name Technoverse. While this pet project hasn’t reached BEP yet, at least I’m quite proud of myself with this progress.

Now, it’s time for Technoverse to take another step forward. If you’re a regular here (If you are, I really, really cannot thank you enough!), I’m sure you’ll notice that both sites are slow, compared to other personal blogs out there. Yes, I admit that it is. They are so slow that it makes writing new posts a painful chore.

I admit that I’m at fault, because I cheaped out on my hosting package. Today, I’ve finally redeemed myself. I have migrated to a new hosting provider. It’s more expensive, yes, but the performance boost is quite significant as well. What encouraged me to upgrade was not only the speed difference, but also the free domain they offered. Yes, my friends, my long-term goal has finally been achieved. I’ve finally got rid of that web in my URL. Now it’s just! From now until the day the old domain expires, you will be redirected to the new URL if you mistakenly accessed the old one. If you’re new, be sure to save it, in case you need one of my tips 😉

I cannot tell you how excited I am right now. Not only the site got a performance boost, but also a change of URL as well. Hopefully, this will improve your reading experience. If you’re interested in finding out more about my new hosting provider, kindly check them out here!

This is just a start, though. I still have lots of work to do. Thanks for coming by, and see you guys in the next post! 😀

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