Arc Search Review: A Refreshing New Browser

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Arc Search is a new, refreshing web browser for iOS that aims to streamline your mobile browsing experience with AI-powered search and summarization features. Think of it as an alternative browser with some unique functionalities!

Key Features

Browse for Me: AI-Powered Search

You can use Browse for Me feature to generate a summarized explanation of a topic.

Arc Search offers an AI-powered search function. Instead of just returning a list of links in your familiar search engine, you can type a topic, click “Browser for Me” button, and Arc Search will try to find relevant information from various sources. This information is then presented in a summarized format on a clean, easy-to-read webpage. Sources are listed at the bottom for transparency, allowing you to delve deeper if needed.

Browse for Me will search through 6 web pages to get an idea about your topic.

I tried it with “What Is Stoicism” topic, and it pretty much tells me a detailed summary. Additionally, the search topic seems to be cached on your device. When I tried searching the same topic again later, and it delivered the same results.

Browse for Me summary result is clean, simple, yet gives you all you need to know.

Webpage Summarization

Summarization is another powerful feature of Arc Search

Arc Search includes a helpful webpage summarization feature. You can use a pinch-to-zoom-out gesture or a dedicated “Summarize” button to get a quick AI-generated summary of any webpage they visit. It’s important to note that these summaries may vary with each use. However, this feature can be helpful for getting the gist of lengthy articles, such as Wiki or a lengthy piece of journalism.

The summarized result is different every run, so use this with caution.

Default Browser Functionality

Unlike the vanilla Arc Sync, you can set Arc Search as the default browser on iOS. Finally!

You can finally set Arc Search as the default browser of iOS.

Standard Browser Features

However, even though it’s supercharged with AI and convenience features, it’s still a mobile browser at heart, and you can find standard browser features such as Ad-Blocker, Reader Mode, intuitive navigation gestures (like pull to refresh and swipe right to go back), tab management, and more!

Arc Search has built-in gestures and ad blocker.
App Setting
Tab Management

Automatic Tab Archive

Like its desktop and mobile vanilla counterpart, Arc Search stores closed tabs in its “Archive” as a replacement for its history. Tabs are also “archived” automatically by default in 1 day to keep your workspace clean. Of course, you can change this behavior through its in-app browser settings.

The Downside

No Sync with Vanilla Arc

Currently, at the time of writing, Arc Search doesn’t sync with the vanilla Arc. This can be a potential deal-breaker for users like me who utilize Arc across multiple devices. I hope the developers will add this functionality since it will complete my migration to Arc from Edge.

The Verdict

Arc Search offers a unique and convenient mobile browsing experience, especially for those who value quick, summarized information. While the lack of sync with Vanilla Arc is a potential dealbreaker, Arc Search is still worth trying out. You can download Arc Search through the App Store here.

Well, I guess that’s all for now, Folks! I hope this little article can be useful for you. As usual, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. Finally, thanks for reading, and see you in the next article ????!

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